Born and raised in Rome, Italy, Gianni received his M.F.A in Cinematography from Italian’s prestigious National Film School – Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – by attending the three years’ course led by Master Cinematographer Giuseppe Rotunno ASC.

During his studies, his work garnered several awards, including a nomination for the Festival of Cinematography Camerimage 2000, where he was the Italian student representative for cinematography. In 2000 he was also awarded with a scholarship for the prestigious DOP International Master Class for Cinematographers in Budapest.

Gianni began building a career first as camera assistant then as camera operator for many important Italian and foreign cinematographer for cinema and commercials. He is a Director of Photography with academic training in 35mm film and versatile and up to date with all apposite emerging technologies. In 2010 he became qualified as a Director of Photography specialized in 3D Stereo, shooting projects for films, commercials, documentaries and live events.

The main characteristics of Gianni’s work are the strong visual personality, connected with a deep understanding of the moviemaking process and a great capacity of adaptation to work in various and demanding conditions and with different crews. He has international experience as a Cinematographer, is able to work on large productions as well as with small crews using only available and practical light. Gianni believes strongly that the work of the director of photography is to understand the facets of the vision of the director and translate the whole, with special sensitivity to creative integrity, to the screen.

Gianni has had extended working experience in many countries: U.S.A., Europe, Australia, everywhere in Southeast Asia, working as Director of Photography for Cinema, TV Show, Commercials, Documentaries and Music Videos.


Gianni Cigna